Does Your Child Hate to Write?
Hate School?
Sometimes Even Act Like They Hate You?


Hi Homeschool Moms and Dads,
You know there is a better way to teach writing or you wouldn’t be on this page.

Your Kids Will Stop Hating to Write in Less Than 21 Days…

Because we will help them discover their hidden ability that every person possesses for language.


The problem is that writing is…

  • The hardest thing to learn
  • The hardest thing to teach
    • Because it is unique to the individual
    • And, because the methods commonly used are bankrupt
  • And, it’s the least practiced subject in schools

Because of these issues, there are often even more problems with writing…

  • You easily get stuck on what to write next
  • You try the impossible task of writing too perfectly
  • You don’t really understand the “Writing Game”
  • And so… you can’t write well whenever you want

Can I tell you about the solution that is helping students all over the world?

Here’s the solution—

  • We teach your child the basics of the “language game” that unleash their instinct for writing
  • We teach them the 12 Secrets they need to know in order to write well whenever they want
  • We give them special exercises to teach them our 12 Secrets
  • We help you set up a daily plan for writing practice
  • We give you the training you need in order to know exactly how to give the kind of feedback that helps your child the most

I hope this sounds like the answer you’ve been wading through the internet in hopes of finding…



But first, let me tell you my background and what it cost me to learn what I’m sharing…

It might surprise you to find our what it took to learn these principles and to develop this one-of-a-kind program. First, you need to know that I grew up in a family of writers…my dad was a talented communicator who was a writer and editor before leaning into his career as a lawyer and state legislator in Alabama. My uncle was a speech writer for Werner Von Braun (the rocket scientist) and wrote a series of books with Hudson Strode about Jefferson Davis, the president of the Confederacy. He also wrote numerous short stories, and was paid for a novel which he didn’t complete because of his untimely death.

All of that firepower didn’t matter. I had the want to, but I didn’t understand the how to. I essentially flunked the English portion of my ACT college entrance exam! I felt so lost as a student that I went ahead and majored in English Literature (and minored in communication and fiction writing to boot)! None of that mattered…I muddled through and still felt lost. I did OK and I loved to write…but every time I sat down to create I was in complete torture. The first book I wrote stressed me out to the point of panic attacks. Goodness! I had to wake up!


Well, I can only say that it was God who led me along a new path. He introduced me to a variety of ideas and concepts that began to ease my confusion…including a master’s degree and a doctorate (which means that over my lifetime I had studied 5 languages— English, Latin, Spanish, Greek, and Hebrew). I had writing classes, and linguistics, and theories of meaning and interpretation. I made my way to Vermont to be mentored by a film-maker and former music professor who trains professionals in the creative process. All of this mattered, but it didn’t come together for me until two things happened:


  1. First, we committed to homeschool our 5 children and realized that there was more to offer them than just writing some every day. In that context, I realized that I had learned so many things that students could use that I began tutoring in my home. I thought, “If people want to get their children to learn a musical instrument from someone trained, then maybe they’d want the same for writing.” It turned out that I guessed right!
  2. The second thing that happened was that I was on vacation in Gulf Shores, Alabama. As I sat there looking at the waves and thinking through a number of things about writing, I gained a life transforming insight. Honestly, it’s the sort of thing I’d just say God opened up to me. If you have a different explanation, then enjoy it. What I realized was that just as our brains are hard-wired for music, they must also be hard-wired for language too. What I mean is that we all have a design to understand music; instinctively / intuitively. Maybe you can’t sing or play an instrument, but you know the difference between a melody and noise. Also, almost everyone appreciates music of some kind. Well, it seemed to me that if that was also the case with language, the very fact that what we say ‘sounds good’ should mean that it probably is good. Sure, there might be exceptions, but even with the uneducated, their dialect is very good for where they live and with the people in their world. Sometime later I found that MIT / Harvard professor Steven Pinker had all the research to back up this notion. This changed everything because I began to unravel the Language Code designed into our very brains…which meant we didn’t need to study grammar and punctuation…all we needed to do was to tune into how our brain works.

I tell you all of this for you to appreciate that my educational path to discover the way writing works took me over 40 years to figure out…and easily over $200,000 dollars. I don’t like to think about the money, but I do want you to know that it’s not just some lame repeat of what didn’t work for you in school. In fact, I had to rebel against the whole educational system I love to make sense of writing. Frankly, they don’t know what they are doing…and admitting that hasn’t been great for some of my career desires or friendships. But, what was hard for me is going to be easy for you!

Hey, there is one more investment we made, in fact, you might call it a gamble—

We homeschooled our five children from birth to college, and we ONLY used The Writing Course for their language arts. We could have used more courses, but we found out it wasn’t necessary for us. Yes! Our children all went through The Course every year & wrote a little almost every day. So, how did they do?

Tripp – University of Texas, Austin (Graduated Magna Cum Laude) – Currently a writer and business modeling warrior – Written 4 books (see: Fellowship. Light. A Shared Journey)

Laura – Abilene Christian University (Graduated) – Currently works for the St. Louis Cardinals – Her essay was used as a model in Freshman English

Forrest – University of Texas, Austin (Graduated) – Currently a writer– Written 5 books (see: We Kill Death on Amazon)

Holmes – University of Texas, Austin (Junior) – Currently– Receives high grades, 2 papers have been used for models in classes (rhetoric & communication)

Brooks – High School Senior – Perfect SAT math score of 800. Recently completed and published his first book (Learning to Love Your Youth Group on Amazon)

Will they be famous writers? Who knows? But, because of our method, they all have freedom and joy when they write…and they write a lot.

You may think it’s genetic, and you are right– every human has the genetics for language. In a way it is like running. Almost all of us can run pretty well with some practice; but then, there are some real athletes. I have written eight books, have an earned doctorate, and have taught at the high school and university levels. Jody also has her Master’s in Education. All I can say is that we developed our unique approached based on our experience with education, not because of our lack of it. Frankly, if I hadn’t uncovered this approach to writing, I never would have written books 3 through 8+.

People often wonder how hard our material is to use. I’m sure that if you have bought grammar books every year and thought you had to understand grammar as well as Mrs. Mebane, your 8th grade teacher, teaching your kids to write is another daunting task in your already too busy world.

How Hard is it?

Here’s the truth-

  • Can you play or download an audio file from the internet?
  • Can you print out a workbook?
  • Can you find a red pen and a green pen for grading?
  • Can you take a few minutes and read your child’s writing daily…AND…follow our simple instructions on how to give the right kind of feedback to grow a writer? The only thing you have to do is spend a few minutes after they start writing daily…just a few minutes to giv your student some feedback using red and green pens.
  • This part is easy too. I’ll show you exactly what to do. In fact, you are going to look ‘over my shoulder’ and watch me grade a student’s paper in real time. I can’t make it easier and still keep you the teacher! 😉

Honestly, that’s all it takes

If you want to do more, then we give you that too!

Mostly, we just need you to make sure your child goes through the twenty-one 30 minute lessons we provide in The Writing Course.

Shoot…do the lessons with your child and help your own inner-writer come outside to play!

Now, the unbelievable part is how fast this works

I think the speedy results from our method is largely influenced by how much your child wants to do well at writing but just hasn’t yet found the way out of the maze.

Here’s a really humbling note about the quick results we see with our method. Brandy wrote me very recently and said:

It was amazing to see them move from writing a few sentences with great effort to writing stories multiple pages long by the end of the course. Now, 4 months later, I am getting stories that continue to develop over multiple days and have chapters when they choose to write stories. They are also writing about life events and their spiritual journey. This has been an amazing “opening of the door” in communication in our home. What a gift this has been to our family…not just in our homeschooling!

People have kindly sent me letter after letter with similar comments, which would be even hard for me to believe if I hadn’t experience the same freedom myself!

  • It’s just 21 Lessons (30 minutes or less each)
  • Usually after Lesson 9 (in a couple of weeks) most students are transformed
  • Lots of times it only takes about 2 or 3 Lessons for happiness to invade the writing experience
  • And, if you repeat the course at least once a year (since you own it), your kids just get better and better

So what will the future be like if you follow our method?

  • Imagine homeschooling your child’s writing work with about 5 minutes per child and the confidence that you are doing plenty
  • Imagine the attitude-switch when your child gets down to writing without a fuss and is matter-of-fact about your comments
  • Imagine getting a note from your students when in college…thanking you for all you’ve done after they have received a great grade on their first freshman paper
  • Imagine your child happily living as a productive adult that never (ever) has any challenges with writing, but continues to excel in their work because of ALL the skill you built into their lives

OK, so by now you may be wondering, “Who are you?” Or, “Who do you think you are?”

Well, first I’m just a homeschool dad who grew up in Alabama and wasn’t given that great of a chance of making much of an intelligent splash in the world. Nonetheless, I’ve been able to go on and write 8 books, a lot of articles, teach in a number of countries in several continents, acquire an earned doctorate, and see countless numbers of students accomplish more than they imagined. I’ve taught in college and high school and churches and conferences. I even had the pleasure of teaching my problem-solving methodology to a department within the United States Air Force.

But honestly, I’d say having 5 children who are sane, happy, and seeking God’s will is my best qualification.

Oh, did I mentioned Jody and I have been married for over 32 years and schooled all the kids at home?

Look, I’m trained in systems and structural dynamics…which just means that I’m looking for the one dial to turn which can change everything. Most systems thinkers are in the business or manufacturing world…I just turned my focus on one of my passions: writing.

Our writing method is one of those dials I’ve been privileged enough to find and turn. I will show you where this dial is too!

So…on the nitty-gritty, what will The Writing Course do for you and your students?

If you apply our simply process, then you can look forward to some real benefits…

  • A child who is ready for anything that college can throw at him
  • As student who no longer hates to write
  • A one-time purchase that you can use every year with every individual child
  • A student who finally thinks about improving rather than just doing enough to get by
  • A massive decrease in stress in the home and family, because at least one area (writing) isn’t a source of conflict
  • Hours back in your life each week, because writing practice only takes a few minutes of your time
  • A way for you as a parent to be involved and appreciated in your child’s own creative process
  • Money saved from yearly purchases because The Writing Course is a one-time-that’s-it purchase…so get art lessons or go on vacation instead 🙂
  • Less stress because one area is finally working without effort…which means you are even nicer than normal
  • A confident child as a writer
  • The weird joy of knowing your child is clearly better than you at something!

Look, you’re not alone. Do you remember Brandy who wrote me about her children starting to write pages instead of sentences? Well, I didn’t tell you the context:

The Writing Course has worked to make writing something natural rather than a composition type project for our second language son (16 with 2 years of English) and for our deaf daughter (12 with 6 years of English) who have used it so far. Next year we will have two second language sons and two deaf daughters doing the program. It was amazing to see them move from writing a few sentences with great effort to writing stories multiple pages long by the end of the course. –Brandy Pancoast

Honestly, if it works this well for second language students, imagine what will happen with your child.

Here are a few other comments we’ve received

Finally, I Like My Writing! The Writing Course taught me common sense ways to write essays. After a few lessons, my writing improved dramatically. It made writing essays easy. When I look back at my work now, I don’t feel like I want to throw it away. –Cierra Campbell, 15, 9th grade


Before the Writing Course we really didn’t “do” writing. We have started many programs that lasted less than a week. We covered grammar and spelling, but I didn’t see the fruit of this work in their papers. My children dreaded any writing assignment and were often in tears over them. We recently completed the writing course and my biggest challenge now is to keep up with correcting their papers. They write everyday now without being asked and never wonder what to write about. My feedback and corrections for them are much more effective and they are turning into wonderful writers! Thank you SO very much! We needed help with this subject more than any other and you have turned things around for us. Your program has been priceless for our family. –April Browning


I have a degree in Special Education, but it didn’t prepare me for my son’s special learning style. He doesn’t learn by rote, going over it hundreds of times won’t cut it. He learns by “seeing ” it, being able to visualize the answer/reason. He also is the world’s most reluctant writer. Dr. Lybrand has many creative ideas when it comes to reaching the tender hearted student, who might have failed to “get it” in the public schools. His exercises encourage putting word to paper freely, without fear of making mistakes. He has a unique system that encourages learning grammar and spelling without the drudgery of rote memorization. He treats his students as budding writers, and prepares them for the editorial process that all true writers undergo.

As a home school mom, the thing I most enjoy about the program is that it is easy on me, on my time. It encourages independent work. Also, you buy the program once, and each successive year, it can be used again. When I’ve hit a wall, I can ask the good Doctor for help. -Rose Walker


I just wanted to let you know that we bought your writing course last year and really enjoyed it. When I asked what kind of writing the kids were interested in doing this year my daughter said she wanted to do it again, that it was her favorite. “Way more fun than IEW”, which she said was so structured that she never felt like she was using her voice… and, that she didn’t even know what bothered her about it until she was using your course. -Lisa Conway


Try Fred Lybrand’s course. My 10 year old it going through it and actually looks forward to writing. That’s saying something for her. -Karen Keppler Hoatson


I also heartily recommend Fred Lybrand’s Writing Course. I have three daughters who struggle with writing because the just don’t like it. The Writing Course helps them get past the hang ups and just start writing. -Melissa S. Reichenbacher


[From a FB Post to another mom] Have you tried The Writing Course by Fred Lybrand? My son 14 at the time was a non writer, today 3 years later, has become a great writer. I felt the frustration you are feeling now. Please look into it. Btw…my son calls the Writing Course “revolutionary”. -Lisa Franklin


So, what about college?

As a homeschool mom of 13, with one college graduate, one in college, and one about to begin college next year, I have learned over the course of all my years that simpler is better and I haven’t bought one single supplemental course or curriculum since we began RC ten years ago until I bought Fred’s writing course. I am a writer, and my children love to write, but my 17 year old son lacked confidence in his writing. This course completely changed everything for him. Not only that, he applied many of the principles taught in the course to his own personal life (I guess it sounds better coming from someone other than mom).

An added bonus is that it is taught with the philosophy of self-teaching as its backbone, so it completely flows with RC.

I greatly appreciate all the work the Lybrand’s put into it, and I have found that the additional resources and things we get in the email and online are very valuable. I would highly recommend it. –Misty Liu

Hey, maybe writing becomes the best part of the day…

I just bought the course for my 12 year old son and he is loving it. Writing used to be his least favorite part of school time and now it is his favorite 🙂 – Leslie Bonilla

And, just in case you are about to head to college:

The course is great. I’m using it for myself as a prep for college. Thanks for all that you have done putting this together. -Robert DeMint

So, what do you get with The Writing Course if you sign up today?

  • A proven Method involving 21 Lessons and a re-printable workbook you can use repeatedly, and with all the children in your family
  • 21 Audio Lessons you can download and use on the computer, CD player, iPhone, and more
  • 13 Video Lessons explaining ‘in person’ the 12 Secrets of Writing
  • Over a half dozen webinars walking through the dynamics of motivating your children to excel in life and writing
  • A special webinar in overcoming the Fear of Writing
  • Access to our FaceBook Writing Group…to have questions addressed so everyone can contribute and benefit
  • The FaceBook Group is a personal connection to me and I take it very seriously

Quickly, here’s what you’ll get…

The Writing Course Core Module
Listen First: All Educators Please Begin Here
Read First: The Writing Course 12 Secrets
The Writing Course eBook (Transcript of Entire Course)
The Writing Course Workbook
The Writing Course. Answer Key
The Writing Course. Feedback Punctuation
Quote-Albert Einstein
Quote-Henry Adams
Lesson 1 – The One Thing You Must Know about Writing
Lesson 2 – Writing Always Must Follow Three Steps
Lesson 3 – Why Instinct is Everything for Writing
Lesson 4 – The Single Most Important Way to Start Writing
Lesson 5 – Excellent Grammar & Punctuation Without Rules
Lesson 6 – The Simple Punctuation Magic List
Lesson 7 – Final Steps for Mastering Punctuation Without Rules
Lesson 8 – The Painless Cure for Poor Spelling
Lesson 9 – How to Write Whenever You Want
Lesson 10 – How to Get Emotionally Free from What People Think of Your Writing Lesson 11 – How to Pick the Right Words as You Write
Lesson 12 – How to Relax and have Fun as You Write
Lesson 13 – The One Thing to Know About Creative Writing
Lesson 14 – The Real Tricks Professional Writers Use Everyday
Lesson 15 – The Only Thing that Will Keep Readers Reading Your Writing (Part 1)
Lesson 16 – The Only Thing that Will Keep Readers Reading Your Writing (Part 2)
Lesson 17 – The One Thing that Will Naturally Keep You Focused While You Write
Lesson 18 – The One Secret that Will Make You an Original Writer
Lesson 19 – Important Loose Ends You Must Know to Tie it All Together (Part 1)
Lesson 20 – Important Loose Ends You Must Know to Tie it All Together (Part 2)
Lesson 21 – Important Loose Ends You Must Know to Tie it All Together (Part 3)


OK…that’s enough…but I do want to include a few Bonuses

If you sign up today I’m going to include The Essay Course


This is the natural addition toward getting ready for high school or college

…and it is the method followed that moved professors to ask our kids to allow their essays to serve as examples to other college freshmen

The Essay Course includes:

Read First: The Essay Course Essay Basic Form
Lesson 1. Essay Course – Introduction: How to Learn with The Essay Course Method
Lesson 2. Essay Course – The Power of your New Philosophy on Essay Writing
Lesson 3. Essay Course – The Danger of Following Formulas for Essay Writing
Lesson 4. Essay Course – To Write Well You Must Follow These Three Steps
Lesson 5. Essay Course – How to Tap Into Your Instinctive Gift For Writing Well
Lesson 6. Essay Course – How To Pick the Right Words as You Write
Lesson 7. Essay Course – The One Secret that Will Make Your Essays Stand Out
Lesson 8. Essay Course – Figuring Out the Right Look for Your Essays
Lesson 9. Essay Course – The Three Steps to Fast and Effective Essay Writing
Lesson 10. Essay Course – Kipling’s Great Secret for Essay Writing
Lesson 11. Essay Course – How to Use the Metaphor for Instant Essays
Lesson 12. Essay Course – How to Use the Power of Threes for Clear Essays
Lesson 13. Essay Course – How to Write So they Want to Read Every Word of Your Essay
Lesson 14. Essay Course – Monty Python’s Great Secret About Persuasive Essays
Lesson 15. Essay Course – The Power of Illustrations and How to Find Them On the Spot
Lesson 16. Essay Course – A Few Factors for Wow in Getting Yourself to Write Your Essay
Lesson 17. Essay Course – Final Tricks for Teaching Others (Including Yourself)
And, of course, sample essays and way too many essay prompts

So, do you think The Essay Course is also the preparation your child needs for the SAT? It’s what we used in preparation.

Ok, so if that isn’t enough, you’ll also receive three Bonus Courses that will change your child’s life as a writer forever…

Full access to three Flash Courses to equip you and your students with all they need:




Really, this info is in The Writing Course, but we pulled it out and greatly expanded on it for the sake of better results and better focus.

So, we are about to the end here and we’ve made a lot of promises. However, as you’ve noticed, it’s not promises without proof. We’ve been professionally teaching kids to become happy and confident writers for over a decade.

We’ve been teaching our own children for almost three decades.

What is it going to mean to your child to be able to sit down and happily write whenever he or she wants?

What will it mean in income to be an effective communicator with written words?

Have you noticed how the internet and social media have continued to dumb down good writing? What happens if your own child is one of those who KNOWS how to write well in college?

I really don’t know how to say it except that THERE WILL BE NO COMPETITION for the good writer in the future.


What is The Writing Course worth?

Well, you can go online and pay several hundred dollars for an course you can only take once (for one child).

Lots of homeschool curriculae might even cost you only a 100 dollars a year…

But that is for about 5 years ($500 total)

For each of your 4 children (4 x $500 = $2,000 total)

IF…you don’t need any of the supplemental spelling, grammar, or coaching tools

The Writing course is not $2,000…and it’s not $300…and it’s not a price-per-student

And, different than the pain of other courses, your kids are going to enjoy what they learn. They are also going to ‘get writing’ because we take away the hindrances to learning how to write

For one price, you get the WHOLE COURSE for the ENTIRE FAMILY


Now, sit down…I don’t want you to hurt yourself…

The Writing Course is yours for a one time purchase (yep…for the whole family) of …


Right now you can get the entire Writing Course…plus the Essay Course…plus all the other bonuses

For $97.00 as a one-time / life-time purchase


But there is a WARNING

Most of the Bonuses are probably going to go away at the end of this sale. Everyone knows that this is under-priced, but it’s to your benefit because I’m trying to get the message out!

Honestly, The Essay Course is its own valuable training for high school and college students.

And yet, we want to get you past all the hype on the internet—


Here is Our GUARANTEE:

Try the course for 100 Days.

Fill in the easy to follow Workbook.

And, if you aren’t wowed and amazed at how your child is changing as a writer,

Then we will give you every bit of your investment back and on the way within 24 to 48 hours of sending us a copy of the completed workbook …which is only fair…and we’ve found this commitment on your part to help make sure you experience the real power of The Writing Course

…Yep, 100 days, 48 hours, no questions asked.

Frankly, if you need another 100 days, just drop us an email.

Even though it’s a dumb way to build a business, we really want your kids to write more than we want your money.

Finally, I want to add one more reason for you to get The Writing Course today (I’m trying a short-term idea):




The sports world has known forever that the difference between losing and winning is a good coach

A coach both knows the game AND is sitting outside so he can see things with more objectively

It’s your choice…you don’t have to use the session…we’re just trying to get more kids to become happy writers. Just write us anytime in the next year to set up your private session 🙂

So, the link to sign up for instant access to The Writing Course (and Essay Course) is just below


You have found what you are looking for …and we’ve given you a ridiculous guarantee.

But, you have to know…this won’t last forever. It’s not just that the sale will end…

…it’s that your child is missing out on the Joy of Writing every single day you wait.

Frankly, there could be enough time that passes… and enough painful grammar training they hate…

…that they’ll never come back to have any interest in writing

…never ever again.

As a Reminder:

Here’s your chance to give the gift of being able to write anytime your child needs to…

He’s going to thank you.

She’s going to make you proud.

And you are going to wonder why you didn’t get The Writing Course sooner

Click Below…Rock Your Writer’s World


($150 Value)

(Have you ever wanted just to talk to someone who has been there and done it? Well, we love to help and have found a one-on-one conversation is a shortcut to success. So, if you buy The Writing Course Today, we’ll give you a 30 minute+ session to help you plan and strategize)

One-Time Investment of only $129 $97.00 + One FREE Coaching Session (good for 1 year)

Add-to-cart 2

……….Only $97.00

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