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My 10 year old finished the Writing Course a few weeks ago and is several lessons deep in the essay section. His writing has completely transformed since beginning the course in May. There is no comparison between then and now. He hated writing less than a year ago and now looks forward to a daily essay topic. IT WORKS! You said it would change his life and you were right! Thank you.  -Jean Brandon 

THANK YOU, THANK YOU for the writing course!!! That unmotivated, precious, 16 year old of ours says that God didn't give her the gift to write! Now after listening to your writing course just once, she produces poetry and papers with ease AND she enjoys it!   -Kelly Fink 

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Here's an honest video from a successful homeschool mom and coach. This digs deeper. It's just a link, so pardon the ads.
After completing the Writing Course (21 Days), then investing about 10 Minutes A Day of working with your student will change everything (and we show you EXACTLY what to do every day).
We've God You.
The Writing Course Core Module

Listen First: All Educators Please Begin Here Read First: The Writing Course 12 Secrets The Writing Course eBook (Transcript of Entire Course) The Writing Course Workbook The Writing Course Answer Key The Writing Course Feedback Punctuation Quote - Albert Einstein Quote - Henry Adams Lesson 1 - The One Thing You Must Know about Writing Lesson 2 - Writing Always Must Follow Three Steps Lesson 3 - Why Instinct is Everything for Writing Lesson 4 - The Single Most Important Way to Start Writing Lesson 5 - Excellent Grammar & Punctuation Without Rules Lesson 6 - The Simple Punctuation Magic List Lesson 7 - Final Steps for Mastering Punctuation Without Rules Lesson 8 - The Painless Cure for Poor Spelling Lesson 9 - How to Write Whenever You Want Lesson 10 - How to Get Emotionally Free from What People Think of Your Writing Lesson 11 - How to Pick the Right Words as You Write Lesson 12 - How to Relax and have Fun as You Write Lesson 13 - The One Thing to Know About Creative Writing Lesson 14 - The Real Tricks Professional Writers Use Everyday Lesson 15 - The Only Thing that Will Keep Readers Reading Your Writing (Part 1) Lesson 16 - The Only Thing that Will Keep Readers Reading Your Writing (Part 2) Lesson 17 - The One Thing that Will Naturally Keep You Focused While You Write Lesson 18 - The One Secret that Will Make You an Original Writer Lesson 19 - Important Loose Ends You Must Know to Tie it All Together (Part 1) Lesson 20 - Important Loose Ends You Must Know to Tie it All Together (Part 2) Lesson 21 - Important Loose Ends You Must Know to Tie it All Together (Part 3)

If you want your child do endless drills to sound like everyone else (or AI), then DON'T get this course. 

The Writing Course is nothing like any course out there. It's organic and intuitive because it's helping your child understand their natural ability to write. 

If you want to unlock your child's love for writing, welcome home!

One Price * For Life * For The Entire Family

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The Essay Course

This is our proven approach to teaching high school and college students how to write an 'instant' essay—so it's great for exams and the SAT. It repeats a couple of lessons from The Writing Course (which need to be repeated often!) and includes templates for writing 'fill-in-the-blank' essays (sort of)!. This course is worth the value alone.

Special Note: Oddly enough, our course on how to teach kids to write often shows the most dramatic improvement is for students who struggle because the way in which they process language isn't 'normal' (whatever that actually means). Learning Disabilities are often mislabeled...they are more often just learning challenges. Jody is dyslexic (but made a 4.0 in her masters program) and two of our own kids had some challenges with reading comprehension and writing...but they are doing great now. Better tactics and growing confidence can overcome almost anything. Here is a recent letter on this very issue:

It's really simple. Print a workbook...play the lessons...learn our easy method of giving the right kind of feedback (10 minutes a day)...and watch your child become a better writer than you are

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Jody and I have been helping families make sense of their family and homeschooling strategies for decades. Now, we want to include you in that family. Having successfully gotten all five of our kids from homeschool (18 years each) to college (all graduated with excellent grades while working part time) to jobs  to church involvement to marriage (all 5 are married).  

Here's what you get: 

  • Access to our archives of special courses and trainings, including all private-past webinars.
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The Absolute Quickest Way to Help Your Child Change - Our tried-and-true approach to helping grow the behaviors you want to see in your kids
The One Success Habit - How to manage your time by finally being able to do what you need to do, when you need to do it.
Glaen - A Novella/Story about how relationships work for marriage and friendship. Written especially for teens with a moral/Christian worldview
The #1 Success Habit (For Managers) - A book about how communicating expectations changes everything when you are leading others...even the kids!

If kids aren't happy about writing they will NEVER really learn, which means they will NEVER have the writing skills to make college and work a comfortable success. It's hard to teach kids how to write when they HATE writing. Writing for kids is about growing their confidence and their happiness. Being happy about writing is exactly what probably sets The Writing Course apart from your current homeschool curriculum. If it is teaching your student how to ‘write right’, then more cheers for you! They might even notice that I used ‘they’ instead of him or her. However, the question I have is, “Does your student really understanding the writing process?”

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We almost never have returns because of the (1) Price (2) Value & (3) Use of the Course for ALL the family; but, just in case it isn't a match.

Within 60 days, send us a completed workbook (plenty easy to do) and we will have your 100% refund to you within 48 hours. Honestly, if you need longer, just ask (it won't be a problem).

This approach is only fair, since we know that going through the course just once changes most of our student's approach to writing and grammar forever. Of course, our homeschool writing course approach is still so unique, you have to experience the change to believe the change!
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