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You’ll spend 10 minutes daily…they will be ready for a life of writing

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Read this letter today and discover the amazingly simple program that’s helping home educators all over the world fulfill their dreams of happily preparing their children to be ready for college, life, personal success, and broad impact…
My son and I are very happy with your writing and essay courses. As a homeschool mom who dreaded his resistance to do his “writing” for school each day, it is a relief to see him want to write and actually enjoy it. I am learning so much too…makes me wonder if I couldn’t write a book one day….I have forever admired authors for their talents.Thanks again for what you have given us.We are looking forward to the videos. Thanks a bunch!
-Lana Bosco
Before the Writing Course we really didn’t “do” writing. We have started many programs that lasted less than a week. We covered grammar and spelling, but I didn’t see the fruit of this work in their papers. My children dreaded any writing assignment and were often in tears over them. We recently completed the writing course and my biggest challenge now is to keep up with correcting their papers. They write everyday now without being asked and never wonder what to write about. My feedback and corrections for them are much more effective and they are turning into wonderful writers! Thank you SO very much! We needed help with this subject more than any other and you have turned things around for us. Your program has been priceless for our family.
April Browning
Dear Fellow Education-Minded Parent,
As a an English major, former high school teacher, a pastor, and a published author…I designed this homeschool writing course to help my own children learn how to overcome every obstacle to good writing.
Do you dream of children who happily write well without you battling or doing much of anything (except enjoy their budding minds)? You can start today. Honestly, despite growing up in the ‘sticks’ of Alabama…we stumbled on the keys to unleashing the God-given writer in our homeschool children. All of our kids have learned to excel, and the testimonials on this site are 100% from the hearts of homeschool writing parents just like you. Writing in homeschool isn’t like math where some students just can’t get it…if your child can talk, we will show you the rest you need to know about teaching homeschool writing.
We have purchased your homeschool writing course and are very pleased with it. We could not have picked a better “starting point” for our son, who is a reluctant writer. He has shown greater ease in writing… there must be something magical about how you remove fear from the process of writing. It’s working!
-J. Sade
Mr. Lybrand,
Thank you for your homeschool writing curriculum. My 12 year old daughter has begun to write without fear for the first time in her life. We are only on lesson 4 and she is applying what she has learned in all areas. Letters,
drawing illustrations, email…
Thank you,
MY STORY: Imagine spending no more than 5 minutes (you MIGHT take 10 minutes) per-child per-day on grammar, punctuation, creative writing, spelling, organization, and anything else you can think of that pertains to the basics of writing. Imagine your kids are in college and their teachers make a point to tell them what excellent writers they are (no matter what they made on their SAT / ACT because the teachers won’t know or care :-)!
I ‘flunked’ the English portion of ACT as a junior in high school, so as a college English major I HAD to figure out a different way to understand writing in order to make it work…4 years of a private school didn’t teach me the secrets I finally uncovered for writing fast and effectively whenever I confront a blank sheet of paper.
Well, that is our story. Jody and I have homeschooled all 5 of our children all the way to college (well, the last two have a bit more time with us at home). Frankly, one of my favorite assets (I finally accepted) is that I’m technically lazy…which makes me really creative at finding shortcuts. All of the homeschool writing programs we looked at tempted us to turn our home into a mass-education (public) school, instead of a home learning environment. Also, our kids were facing being bogged down with endless (and largely useless…and stupid, I might add) rules about grammar, punctuation, and spelling.
I said, “There has got to be an easier way…” As a result, we discovered the real secret of how language works (Shakespeare and the The King James Translators knew it), and we invented a homeschool writing system we first proved in our own home. Now, it is used by educational-adventurists throughout the world.
Our story can be your story. You can either fearfully attempt to teach your kids every rule about punctuation, grammar, spelling, and creative writing…or…play our homeschool writing audio lessons, watch our online videos, have them fill in the workbook, and spend 5 minutes a day ‘correcting’ their daily writing in the EXACT WAY we show you.
Basically, it’ll take a little faith at first…but then you’ll see your kids discover that they write better than all their friends; and they’ll know it because their teachers and friends will LIKE TO READ what they write.
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Writing’s 2nd Secret (helps overcome fear)
Though fear of writing has a number of factors as we see in the poll above (all of which we show you how to conquer in The Writing Course for homeschoolers), the most basic thing you can do to calm your homeschooler’s fears is to REQUIRE your homeschool student to write in 3 Stages:
  1. OK
  2. Get Help
  3. Make it Great
If you will encourage your homeschool writing student to simply write something OK to begin with…the pressure is off! More to the point, they will also gladly learn to embrace your help as you give them feedback on how to write it even better (we show you exactly how to make this a part of your homeschool in The Writing Course).
Here’s a quick video explaining this principle:
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Listen to What Other Homeschoolers are Saying
Good Morning, I just order your homeschool writing program last week and have listened to the first 3 lessons. I want to thank you for the information you are providing.
It is so intuitive but certainly flies in the face of accepted educational “fact”. I am a homeschooling mother of 5 and have been looking for a way to overcome the absolute fear 2 of my boys have of writing and I think this is just what we need. Thanks again,
Laura W.
Our homeschool writing method is composed of audio files which you download and comes with a printable workbook. It really is THE WRITING CODE because we show you exactly what to do (and all you need to do) to set your child on the right path. Here are the foundations:
  1. A proven process
  2. Exact ways to give feedback (even if you aren’t a good writer)
  3. A focus on cultivating self learning
What you are about to have is everything you really need for your homeschooled child to grow as a powerful, unique, and confident writer. He or she will start getting all the secrets they need to know to happily write in their own unique way.
Here’s what your kids will tell you as they learn
I now know how to come up with lots of ideas for writing…which means you never have to prod them to get started
I now know how to tell if my grammar is good without looking at a grammar book…which means they will get good grammar into their hearts instead painfully trying to memorize a list of questionable rules
I now know how to tell if my punctuation is good without looking at a punctuation book…which means they don’t have to constantly stop their creative energy to check if everything is perfectly correct
I now know how to write fast…which means you will see them write more in the same amount of time
I now know how to edit myself…which means you will do less editing and more enjoying
I now know how to create an outline for writing (if I need to)…which means you can send them off to college prepared
I now know how to help people keep reading my writing once they start
I now know exactly why I’m never afraid to write…which means they will excel over most other students who are petrified about having their own words on paper
I now know how to listen to feedback without getting upset (or mad)…which means you’ll have one less area of tension between you and your students
(Best of All) I now know I really taught myself…which means your children will have the skill of learning for themselves in place for the rest of their lives
And, as a Parent / Homeschool Writing Teacher
You will know exactly how to give feedback to your students…which means you will learn more about writing yourself, even as you help your child
You will grow confident in your child’s ability to write…which means you have one less homeschool worry on your list
You will learn to spend only a few minutes a day on giving the writing feedback (how we teach you) your child needs to improve…which means you will have more time in your homeschool day to work or rest!
Spelling, grammar, punctuation, fear, confusion, speed, enjoyment, captivating the reader, clarity, joy…all of this is contained and addressed in our homeschool writing course—but your child will hardly know they are learning. It doesn’t feel like class, it feels more like someone has finally told you how writing really works.
I suppose that’s the most important thing— I’m sharing what I had to learn, and had to learn the hard way to become a published author. You may not want that, but you probably do want your child to always look fondly on you for giving her/him a homeschool writing system that integrates the 12 Secrets you must figure out to write well anytime you want.
You are a click away from being introduced to the method you need to cure any issue you have with homeschool writing. Your child doesn’t need more silly grammar…your child just needs the answers that most writers finally figure out… God already gave us the instinct to write. We are about to show you how to cultivate it in your homeschool.

A private tutor can cost from $2,000 – $4,000 a year. Other Writing Writing programs can require repeated purchases per student and can cost up to $3,000 for a family of five (like ours). Right now you can invest in The Writing Course for just $299.

Want some more proof?
Must share with you that I think my daughters even remember your name.
We began The Writing Program this year. I have not kept up with listening to the Lessons ahead of them, but, I can tell they are learning LOTS. They are BOTH enjoying writing so much more.
YES, I am going to listen to all the lessons in the next two weeks — I have listened to the first 3. But, my 13 year old has already finished all 21 lessons — the 11 year old is a little behind her.
I realize that I will be able to “Give them Feedback” so much better after hearing the lessons.
Definitely an investment worth making . . . . Thanks Fred!!
Denise in KY
Thanks for all the feedback with Cooper’s mugwalk story – have been meaning to email for awhile – your suggestions are awe-inspiring to a novice (me!) writer. Cooper has been writing a novel ever since. He just finished it today – love how he’s taken off with his creative side!
Patty Knaak in Nebraska

Want to know more? Here’s what the Course Includes:

The Writing Course: Homeschool & Educator’s Version includes digital downloads of the 21 audio Lessons (you can easily burn your own CDs) and our re-printable copyrighted workbook, answer-key, complete course transcript, and other helpful documents
Topics Covered in The Writing Course
Lesson 1 – The One Thing You Must Know about Homeschool Writing
Lesson 2 – Writing Always Must Follow Three Steps
Lesson 3 – Why Instinct is Everything for Writing
Lesson 4 – The Single Most Important Way to Start Writing
Lesson 5 – Excellent Grammar & Punctuation Without Rules
Lesson 6 – The Simple Punctuation Magic List
Lesson 7 – Final Steps for Mastering Punctuation Without Rules
Lesson 8 – The Painless Cure for Poor Spelling
Lesson 9 – How to Write Whenever you Want
Lesson 10 – How to Get Emotionally Free from What People Think of Your Writing
Lesson 11 – How to Pick the Right Words as You Write
Lesson 12 – How to Relax and have Fun as You Write
Lesson 13 – The One Thing to Know About Creative Writing
Lesson 14 – The Real Tricks Professional Writers Use Everyday
Lesson 15 – The Only Thing that Will Keep Your Readers Reading (Part 1)
Lesson 16 – The Only Thing that Will Keep Your Readers Reading (Part 2)
Lesson 17 – The One Thing that Will Naturally Keep You Focused While Writing
Lesson 18 – The One Secret that Will Make You an Original Writer
Lesson 19 – Important Loose Ends You Must Know to Tie it All Together (Part 1)
Lesson 20 – Important Loose Ends You Must Know to Tie it All Together (Part 2)
Lesson 21 – Important Loose Ends You Must Know to Tie it All Together (Part 3)
Here’s what to do to get started on making your homeschool writing dreams happen, and your writing-teaching worries to leave, for the rest of your homeschool writing experience.

You’ll Also Receive an Exclusive Bonus Package valued at over $300

Free Bonus #1

The Insiders Guide to College Success— The Insider’s Strategy for Serious Students. Here is the essential guide homeschoolers really must have to overcome their lack of experience with the college grading process. This eBook is an outline and explanation of the proven strategies for better grades, and it was written by a student like you who made it happen! This IS NOT merely a how-to-study eBook…this is a process for understanding the ‘game’ of college— AND HOW TO WIN!

Free Bonus #2

The Essay Course (18 Lessons)
The Essay Course — This essential guide will give you the writing tips and tools to understand essay writing, including a practical method for constructing your own effective essays. The Essay Course is a $97.00 value and makes The Writing Course a complete package covering all components of the writing process. It’s a $100 value for free. By the way—these are the principles you need to use for effective cover letters and persuasive articles too.

***If The Essay Course isn’t something you need…it is a great gift to give an aspiring writer who is still in school and doesn’t want to waste time trying to solve the puzzle about what an instructor wants an essay to look like***

Free Bonus #3

Exclusive Access to The Video LessonsThese Homeschool Writing Lessons are Dr. Lybrand’s simple explanations of the 12 Writing Secrets that transform frightened or un-motivated students in to happy and creative students. There is also a Bonus 13th principle added which was not originally included with The Writing Course.

Free Bonus #4

Free Online Live Monthly Writing Course Q&A Sessions where Dr. Lybrand answers questions about writing and teaching your child to write. That’s right—each month you have an online opportunity to ask questions and learn alongside other Writing Course families. Our goal is better writers and happier families…real conversations tend to make that very thing happen!



Free Bonus #5

Lifetime Free Support There are no additional fees or costs involved in supporting your use of The Writing Course. IF your computer falters and you need to download the course again…no charge & no problem. Other questions about applying the course are easily answered through email, or even a call if necessary.

QUESTION: What comes with the course? What do I get?

ANSWER: The Writing Course was built from a public seminar and private weekly tutoring model which has been tried and tested over the past several years. If you become an owner of the course, you will received the following:

1. 21 audio lessons to instantly download on to your computer covering the 12 Secrets, numerous corollaries, and specifics on our revolutionary approach to grammar, punctuation, style, creativity, freedom from fear,giving helpful feedback, and much more.

2. A 70 page PDF version of the full transcript from The Writing Course-Basic Seminar.

3. A 46 page PDF re-printable workbook to use as fresh instruction each semester.

4. A PDF Answer Key for the workbook.

5. A PDF of complete step-by-step directions for using the method properly.

6. A PDF reference guide to our unique approach to punctuation and how to give successful feedback to the student (or yourself).

7. Strategic PDF documents to frame or post on your wall.

8. One year of coaching support by phone, email, and the website.

9. One year money back guarantee (upon our receipt of your completed Course Workbook) to give you plenty of time to prove to yourself that The Writing Course is unlike anything you’ve ever seen…and that it works as promised.

10. The Essay Course adds its own 17 audio lessons to the curriculum / training.

PLUS, finally….
My Iron-Clad, Prove it to Yourself 99 Day, Risk-Free Money-Back Guarantee
OK, so I’ve made some big claims and have a lot of people telling you how great The Writing Course isbut that doesn’t prove anything about whether or not our revolutionary approach will work for you.
I’m betting it will work, in fact, I’m willing to stake my reputation on it. Make the investment and listen to the 21 Lessons during the next 99 days— if you or your children think it’s just OK, or you don’t think you’ll keep using it for years to come, or you just say, “Nah”— send me a completed copy of the easy-to-fill in workbook (which is only fair), and I’ll return 100% of the money you invested in The Writing Course within 48 hours. If you aren’t going to use it in your homeschool writing plan, you shouldn’t have to pay for it.
-Dr. Fred R. Lybrand
Guaranteed Return Policy, 2010/2011
Here’s what I need you to do to get started on taking all your writing teaching worries away for the rest of your homeschooling experience.

UPDATE: As a limited kick-off market test…we are offering the entire Writing Course + The Essay Course + the other Free Bonuses for not $299, $199, but for only $127.

Special Note: Occasionally I get a note from someone who is concerned that all that I’m saying here seems like an infomercial. As I think about it, I agree; however, why is that a bad thing? I’m sitting here with a revolutionary product that is underpriced by hundreds of dollars and changes the life (writing) of virtually every reluctant student who ever tries it. It isn’t like school or curricula or tutors…it’s like the secrets that changed my life are about to change yours. Now, how do I convince you? There is no way…that’s why you are invited to try it for 99 days. I’ve found one other writing course like ours which offers a guarantee— 14 days (woo who)! If your child hates to write then please get the course and work through it. If they aren’t re-born as writers by the end of lesson 21, just send me a copy of the notes and I will send you a full refund within 24 hours. -Fred Lybrand

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Update: Expanded Version Now Just $97. We have just released an Expanded Version of The Writing Course. As a limited market test…we are offering the entire Writing Course for just $127 [That’s $672 LESS than the first price mentioned above, and $170 OFF the current retail price]. Yes, all the Bonuses are still yours too.

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Free Bonus #7
Look, I want you to succeed, but I can’t make you trust me without having coffee at Starbucks. So, I want to make this even more ridiculously simple. If you try our homeschool writing course right now for 99 days, but return it anyway…You can KEEP THE ESSAY COURSE as an additional way of saying “Thank You” for your quick decision to act. We have no plans to include this in a future offer, it’ll just be too late.
This is the Only Homeschool Writing and Grammar Curriculum you really need from the 5th grade and onward (but, it can also just be an amazing supplement). Frankly, I’d much rather you try it and see if your children benefit immediately. The Writing Course is the cure for Reluctant Writers…try it and you’ll see why (plus, remember the guarantee is still there if it doesn’t work for you).
God bless & make a difference,

Dr. Fred R. Lybrand
25624 Lewis Ranch Rd., New Braunfels, TX 78132
The Writing Course taught me common sense ways to write essays. After a few lessons, my writing improved dramatically. It made writing essays easy.When I look back at my work now, I don’t feel like I want to throw it away.
-Cierra Campbell, 15 yo, 9th grade
Not Just for Homeschool Writing
The course is great. I’m using it for myself as a prep for college. Thanks for all that you have done putting this together
-R. DeMint

TYPOS: No matter our efforts, we still are human and can miss a mistake or two. Frankly, the obsession with typos is one of the things the writing course tries to help overcome. Typos are not a big deal…especially when a child’s fear of making them keeps him from writing anything at all. If you see a typo on this page, please drop us a note at contact@advanced-writing-resources.com and we will get it corrected. If you see typos in your child’s writing, please don’t make a big deal out of it…notice what they’ve said and the cool way they said it. That is encouraging. Many, many famous authors have been both brilliant writers and poor editors…go figure?