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Are you sometimes desperate for your child to write well?


Our astonishing, not-like-school course, is inspiring reluctant writers every day to learn what they never dreamed was possible; they can learn to write, guaranteed.

I’m writing to offer you (or someone you know and send this to) a DEAL.  I haven’t spent much time pouring over it.  In fact, I just sat down and typed it out.  I’ll read over it once for good measure when I’m finished. I’ve been focused on how to teach kids and adults for a long, long, time— And I’ve learned a pretty simple truth:



WARNING: If they aren’t happy about writing they will NEVER really learn, which means they will NEVER have the writing skills to make college and work a comfortable success.  It’s hard to teach kids how to write when they HATE writing. Being happy about writing is exactly what probably sets The Writing Course apart from your current curriculum.  If it is teaching your student how to ‘write right’, then more cheers for you!  They might even notice that I used ‘they’ instead of him or her.  However, the question I have is, “Does your student really understanding the writing process?”

How To Teach Kids to Write in 10 Minutes a Day? Here’s an example: Holmes Lybrand is our fourth child to be homeschooled from birth to college. His SAT score was OK (it will be in 4th place in our family of five, and he admittedly isn’t our most ‘academic’ child; moreover, if we dared to test him, ADD and Dyslexia would most likely show up), but it got him into the University of North Texas and into the Honors Dorm. He finished both his first and second semesters with a 4.0 GPA each time (which did amaze us a little), but that isn’t the cool part. The cool part was to watch him—

      • Make a 98% on a 14 page paper in Honors Communication (25% of his grade)
      • Make a 100% on every Political Science essay (usually took him about 45 minutes compared to his friends who took up to 2 hours and with lower grades).
      • Say to you, “After never being in a school of any kind, I found that I could write a 5 page college essay in a couple of hours without dread or frustration. My friends would labor for days or pull all-nighters with great emotional pain and fear. I wish I could put in their heads my dad’s Writing Course …what it could mean to their success in college! Also, to my surprise, I usually made 100s on all my papers (and never below a 95).”  –Holmes Lybrand, 2013

It’s Not Complicated:

1. Holmes went through The Writing Course 4+ times in high school (but a smart 4th grader will benefit a lot as well).

2. He wrote something almost every day of homeschool (part of how to teach kids to write)…and got the exact kind of feedback he needed (we show you how).

3. Our feedback process usually takes a lot less than 10 minutes, which keeps everyone happy. Now, he ‘gets’ language:

· He knows why ‘how it sounds’ is more important than how it looks · He knows why starting with OK is better than trying to write something great · He knows how grammar works · He can tell if punctuation is correct without caring one bit about the rules · He knows how to organize his thoughts and how to get them on paper · He knows how to make his writing interesting · He knows exactly how to not worry about his writing being good or bad · He knows exactly how to get himself writing even when he doesn’t know what to say · And…he knows a whole lot more 😉

The greater benefit of The Writing Course is that kids don’t learn to HATE writing, they learn to enjoy it.  Honestly, it is all the tedious rule-obsessed grammar that quenches the spirit in a child (or adult).  If you think the rules are important, then great…but adding The Writing Course to your curriculum will allow your child to embrace the freedom that comes with really “getting” what language and writing is about. So here’s the Deal:

Jody has insisted that our Writing Course online solution (how to teach kids to write) would be more widespread among students if the price was more reachable.  She insists that homeschool families aren’t the richest folks in the world, but that they do care deeply about their children’s success.

I’ve pointed out that I’ve invested over 150,000 dollars in my formal education and that the value of what they are learning will change their child’s life (and stress, and income potential) forever.

She insisted that the math will work out in supporting our own family (and all that goes into maintaining websites, advertizing, dealing with viruses online, etc.).

SO… I’ve agreed to experiment in how to teach kids to write.

I can’t guarantee this will become the new price for the course.

All I can guarantee is that you will have a little more time for our ALMOST ½ OFF Sale (we may keep this as the permanent price, but we may revert back if it doesn’t real help us support our work more effectively).

So… $67.00 for the same writing course (includes the Essay Course), for the same money back guarantee, for the same experience of seeing your child blossom as a writer, for the same video and audio support whenever you need it.

I promise, one time through the course will change your child’s life with writing…4 times through will likely turn them (her or him) into a genuine writer.  You don’t really have to know how to teach kids to write, I will…but, you will help them blossom as writers.

Your responsibility…get the course…invest 5 minutes a day (really, that’s all your student will need from you)…then tell others if it works like we say!

Why not begin this semester on the write foot 😉 for your student’s writing future?



Dr. Fred Ray Lybrand


The Writing Course P.S.  Any typos, etc., are free of charge (my gift to you).  The whole point of writing is that we start with what we start with…then get help…then make it great.  I’ll improve this letter next time.

********************The Writing Course********************


This is the Easiest Way for Anyone to Learn to Write Well…period.

After completing the Writing Course (21 Days), then investing about 10 minutes a day of working with your student will change everything (and we show you EXACTLY what to do every day).


-Dr. Fred Ray Lybrand


Hint: The Methods used by most schools only heightens the fear of writing (which is the core issue in how to teach kids to write)

There is a Simple Secret Teachers aren’t taught in most schools, but that instantly helps almost every student (especially most LD  or Reluctant Writers); and it all begins with understanding what scares them the most about writing.

When the SECOND FEAR goes away the Writing begins


Dear Homeschool Moms & Dads, Students, and C0-op Leaders, and Parents Who Know Traditional Methods Aren’t Working, Honestly, do you really think that they will suddenly wake up and like to write by doing the exact same thing you’ve been doing so far? Really?  Your child is scared of one BIG thing, which you already know…she is scared of upsetting you.  But you are already upset, so both of you are TRAPPED!  You know that it’s all about learning by writing…but what is in the way of children writing to begin with? It is the SECOND FEAR that is the problem.  Once the SECOND FEAR is slayed, no dragons remain between writing and your child.  What is this SECOND FEAR?  I’ll get to that… Do you really want to send them to college (or high school with a hatred and (often) morbid fear of writing words on paper? Is there any chance they can graduate without being decent at writing? Have you noticed that a lot of what you are trying just seems to make things worse? It’s not your fault…most methods secretly produce fear and failure so the teachers can look like they are ‘really’ teaching. . Sometimes they just aren’t motivated. Sometimes it’s something even more challenging.  I get the struggle.  I get the frustration. I have spent a lifetime figuring out how to go from reluctance and tears to racing to win— all as it concerns writing. Writing is its own special issue, but when your student learns the 12 Principles I’ve uncovered through education, trial-and-error, and the grace of God…everything will change  They will immediately discover what learning by writing is all about. In many ways you are going to get to look over my shoulder and show you the exact ways we have taught our own children (and hundreds and hundreds of children all over the world). Here’s what I think you’re wondering in order to make a decision:.

OK, HERE’S A BUNCH OF BLAH…BLAH…about How We Help Reluctant Writers (Just Skip on Down to SECOND FEAR and read this stuff later)


A Preview of All You’ll Need to Do to See Everything Change

1. Print out the workbook for your students 2. Turn on the Audio Lesson 3. Look at their lesson and applaud their effort 4. Repeat for 21 Days 6. Start giving the easy feedback (we teach you exactly how) that anyone can give without conflict 5. Write us a testimonial of how your child’s understanding and confidence has been transformed 🙂 .

A Preview of What Your Student Will Be Learning

* The simple three step process that cures most forms of perfectionism with writing * How to know his grammar is correct without having to know all the rules * How to quit worrying about what others think * How to help mom or dad give feedback that helps * How to know his punctuation is correct without having to know all the rules * How to come up with what to write about on the spot * How to make what he writes interesting to read * How to develop the little known single habit that turns anyone into a fine speller * How to enjoy writing * How to pick the right words * How to easily practice and improve * How to use language as music * How to start writing anytime (instead of just thinking about writing) * How to find his own voice as he writes .

Finally, I Like My Writing
The Writing Course taught me common sense ways to write essays. After a few lessons, my writing improved dramatically. It made writing essays easy. When I look back at my work now, I don’t feel like I want to throw it away.
Cierra Campbell
Cierra Campbell, 15 yo, 9th grade
What do I get? What’s the price? Is there a guarantee?

The Writing Course System – You don’t have to train yourself. The Course is 21 audio lessons, plus a workbook, plus a transcript of the course. Print the workbook, play the audios, look at their notes and exercises…and watch the transformation! It also comes with the Essay Course (for older students…around 14 and up), which has 18 lessons and a number of instant templates to use to create an outline in under 2 minutes. These should be used yearly with each student. And, because of the design of the course, it’s a new experience every year as the principles get settle into the student’s heart and habits.  It is clearly about learning by writing, but it is also about how to think about writing for a lifetime of confidence. The Online Videos – You will have access to 14 videos that explain all of the principles involved in curing reluctance in young writers (and old ones too!). We also have included our popular ‘over the shoulder look’ at EXACTLY how to give feedback / grade a student’s writing to give most help. Instant Access and Backup – You will will have both courses fully downloadable for your immediate use.  You can make CDs or put the lessons on your Ipod.  Sometimes stuff happens and things get lost…no problem, we will renew your link to your writing courses whenever you need it. 6 Full Hours of Live Call in Sessions – These sessions were live and included a short lesson along with Q&A from other owners of The Writing Course. You will have complete access to the archive of these live sessions. Occasionally we have a live call-in session to add to these lessons…but, most of your questions are answered by using the course itself. Nonetheless, these sessions help clarify, refine, and encourage you. The Guarantee – Can an online course really guarantee that it will show you how to teach kids to write (and like it)? No one else we know of dares to guarantee a writing course. You will have 365 days to decide if The Writing Course is right for you. All we ask is that your student actually go through the 21 powerful lessons (about 1/2 hour a lesson), fill in the workbook & exercises (easy), and send us a copy—which is only fair. You’ll have your refund process within 48 hours. The Price – $127 for everything, including the right to use it with the whole family, is still a bargain. When we say we will show you how to teach kids to write; we mean all of your kids, but with the one-time purchase of our course for the whole family.  As a parent myself, I know how costly it can be to buy material for each child for each year…which can really add up. I want to make this as easy as possible— once price for the whole family, forever. There are no additional purchases necessary, and you probably won’t need to pay your tutor anymore. If you do the math per child…or the math per year (of most curriculum)…or the cost of a tutor. So, we hope you see our Writing Course on how to teach kids to write is a bargain. Plus, since it is fully online and downloadable, we’ve been able to reduce the price to $97 from our regular price of $127. . Here are a few comments from appreciative Writing Course families. I look forward to adding your successes here soon.

Thank You So Very Much

aprilBefore the Writing Course we really didn’t “do” writing. We have started many programs that lasted less than a week. We covered grammar and spelling, but I didn’t see the fruit of this work in their papers. My children dreaded any writing assignment and were often in tears over them.We recently completed the writing course and my biggest challenge now is to keep up with correcting their papers. They write everyday now without being asked and never wonder what to write about. My feedback and corrections for them are much more effective and they are turning into wonderful writers! Thank you SO very much! We needed help with this subject more than any other and you have turned things around for us. Your program has been priceless for our family.-April Browning

The Writing Course is Easy

on Me and My Time

I have a degree in Special Education, but it didn’t prepare me for my son’s special learning style. He doesn’t learn by rote, going over it hundreds of times won’t cut it. He learns by “seeing ” it, being able to visualize the answer/reason. He also is the worlds most reluctant writer.
Dr. Lybrand has many creative ideas when it comes to reaching the tender hearted student, who might have failed to “get it” in the public schools. His exercises encourage putting word to paper freely, without fear of making mistakes. He has a unique system that encourages learning grammar and spelling without the drudgery of rote memorization. He treats his students as budding writers, and prepares them for the editorial process that all true writers undergo.
As a home school mom, the thing I most enjoy about the program is that it is easy on me, on my time. It encourages independent work. Also, you buy the program once, and each successive year, it can be used again. When I’ve hit a wall, I can ask the good Doctor for help.
-Rose Walker

From Homeschool to Private School—

The Writing Course Made It Easy

“I learned to write using the Writing Course beginning when I was 9 years old and homeschooled. This helped in my writing so much that when I had to write essays upon entering private school (9th grade onward), the teacher complimented me on my writing and exempted me from having to follow their standards for papers .”
Benjamin Snel
– Benjamin Snell, Midland, Texas

Fear Fades Fast

Dr. Lybrand,
Thank you for your homeschool writing curriculum. My 12 year old daughter has begun to write without fear for the first time in her life. We are only on lesson 4 and she is applying what she has learned in all areas— Letters,drawing illustrations, email, etc.
Thank you,

Not Just for Homeschool

The course is great. I’m using it for myself as a prep for college. Thanks for all that you have done putting this together!
-Robert DeMint

Flies in the Face of Educational ‘facts’ — It works!

Good Morning, I just order your homeschool writing program last week and have listened to the first 3 lessons. I want to thank you for the information you are providing.
It is so intuitive but certainly flies in the face of accepted educational theories!. I am a homeschooling mother of 5 and have been looking for a way to overcome the absolute fear 2 of my boys have of writing and I think this is just what we need.
Thanks again,
-Laura W.

Son Discovers His Creative Side

Your suggestions are awe-inspiring to a novice (me!) writer. Cooper (my son) has been writing a novel ever since. He just finished it today. I love how he’s taken off with his creative side!
-Patty Knaak, Nebraska

Mother’s Own Writing Improves

This course is as much for me as for our daughters. I believe the Lord wants me to write a book, I have felt stuck like it took so much effort. Now I know why (you can know why as well through the secrets of The Writing Course)
Just to see our daughters have a freedom with writing that I KNOW they didn’t have before we started The Writing Course, is one of those moments of gratitude that qualifies as the abundant life Jesus speaks of.
Much Grace to you for helping me and many others release our God-given potential.
-Penny D.

Resistance to Writing is Gone

My son and I are very happy with your writing and essay courses. As a homeschool mom who dreaded his resistance to do his writing for school each day, it is a relief to see him want to write and actually enjoy it. I am learning so much too, it makes me wonder if I couldn’t write a book one of these days. I have forever admired authors for their talents.Thanks again for what you have given us.We are looking forward to the videos. Thanks a bunch!
-Lana Bosco

As Reviewed in Practical Homeschool Magazine

The Writing Course and its companion, The Essay Course, present a simple, natural, common-sense approach to teaching writing unlike anything that I have seen before. Designed for upper elementary through high school, their purpose is to take the fear out of writing.
Melissa Worcester
Practical Homeschooling Magazine


The SECOND FEAR is the secret (less apparent) fear.  Of course your child wants to please you (not upset you), but it is the HOW she upsets you that is the issue.  The SECOND FEAR is that she just can’t write perfect.  I mean face it…if she could write something perfect, you’d never get upset.  True?  Honestly, it’s not your fault.  Schools have been messing this writing business up for many years…mostly because they are trying to teach writing instead of showing the student how to teach himself 🙂 The theory in your child’s head is that perfect is possible…and…it is possible on the first try.  Of course, once you are committed to write perfectly on the first try, then you can’t even form a couple of words!  Now, add to this SECOND FEAR the realities of some learning challenges, lack of experience, and a swirling number of rules about grammar, spelling, punctuation, and story…and you’ll see that she just feels hopeless.  Learning by writing cannot happen when hopelessness reigns. I know you don’t know me, but The Writing Course is specifically designed to cure these EXACT FEARS and more..  It shows you how to teach kids to write, but it will also show them how to teach themselves to write as well.


1. Some things the Writing Course System Offers in the Near Term

The ability to write-on-demand (at will) can catapult a college or business career

Once reluctance is gone the skill can be learned

Readiness for school and job applications, SAT, essay competitions, college applications, etc.

Conflict leaves over writing so schooling and relationships can be good.

A child feels closer to a mother who isn’t seen as the source of his tears

Closeness increases with the sharing of written stories

People often can share more intimate thoughts in writing than in person (Laura’s note

Writing is rightly known as thinking on paper…learning the skill of writing is also training in the skill of clear thought

Writing well improves the ability to read well

Entire career choices (and college majors) can be considered as options by the one who can write effectively and easily

If you can write well you are ahead of most of the people you’ll ever meet

The skill is essential to learning most subjects

Overcoming the fear of writing translates into how to overcome almost any fear

Each year thousands of students flunk out of (or quit) school because of the lack of writing skills alone.

Appealing grades, insurance claims, tax issues, legal matters, etc., are very often dependent on the ability to write clearly

Writing for oneself (journaling type activities) have been proved to be incredibly helpful in personal growth..which is what learning by writing is all about.

The pen IS mightier than the sword…more power and more protection than learning martial arts!

2. What The Writing Course Offers Long Term

They can begin entering essay contests and writing competitions (money)

They can develop the skill to enter, earn scholarships, and successfully finish…a quality college or university

Consider a job that requires writing well (where no one would be hired without the skill)

They can actually write the novel that most people only hope to…

They can tutor others in writing (for extra cash in high school or college)

They can develop relationships with people all over the world through pen-pal clubs, various type of discussion groups, and social media opportunities that respect good writers

They can impact the world from a computer by good thoughts well delivered

They can raise funds, interests, and supporters in community, organizational, or missions-focused endeavors.

. One of my passions is simply to teach kids to write. I’m ready to help your child’s life change; for the tears to stop and the confidence to grow. Why keep suffering when writing has a real fix that is only a click away? I hate to mention the obvious, but really good writers REALLY love this course because it adds so much speed and clarity to what they do. . .


. .


The Writing Course Core Module

Listen First: All Educators Please Begin Here
Read First: The Writing Course 12 Secrets
The Writing Course eBook (Transcript of Entire Course)
The Writing Course Workbook
The Writing Course Answer Key
The Writing Course Feedback Punctuation
Quote-Albert Einstein
Quote-Henry Adams
Lesson 1 – The One Thing You Must Know about Writing
Lesson 2 – Writing Always Must Follow Three Steps
Lesson 3 – Why Instinct is Everything for Writing
Lesson 4 – The Single Most Important Way to Start Writing
Lesson 5 – Excellent Grammar & Punctuation Without Rules
Lesson 6 – The Simple Punctuation Magic List
Lesson 7 – Final Steps for Mastering Punctuation Without Rules
Lesson 8 – The Painless Cure for Poor Spelling
Lesson 9 – How to Write Whenever you Want
Lesson 10 – How to Get Emotionally Free from What People Think of Your Writing Lesson 11 – How to Pick the Right Words as You Write
Lesson 12 – How to Relax and have Fun as You Write
Lesson 13 – The One Thing to Know About Creative Writing
Lesson 14 – The Real Tricks Professional Writers Use Everyday
Lesson 15 – The Only Thing that Will Keep Readers Reading Your Writing (Part 1) Lesson 16 – The Only Thing that Will Keep Readers Reading Your Writing (Part 2) Lesson 17 – The One Thing that Will Naturally Keep You Focused While You Write Lesson 18 – The One Secret that Will Make You an Original Writer Lesson 19 – Important Loose Ends You Must Know to Tie it All Together (Part 1) Lesson 20 – Important Loose Ends You Must Know to Tie it All Together (Part 2) Lesson 21 – Important Loose Ends You Must Know to Tie it All Together (Part 3)


The Essay Course Module

Read First: The Essay Course Essay Basic Form
Lesson 1. Essay Course – Introduction: How to Learn with The Essay Course Method Lesson 2. Essay Course – The Power of your New Philosophy on Essay Writing
Lesson 3. Essay Course – The Danger of Following Formulas for Essay Writing
Lesson 4. Essay Course – To Write Well You Must Follow These Three Steps
Lesson 5. Essay Course – How to Tap Into Your Instinctive Gift For Writing Well
Lesson 6. Essay Course – How To Pick the Right Words as You Write
Lesson 7. Essay Course – The One Secret that Will Make Your Essays Stand Out
Lesson 8. Essay Course – Figuring Out the Right Look for Your Essays
Lesson 9. Essay Course – The Three Steps to Fast and Effective Essay Writing
Lesson 10. Essay Course – Kipling’s Great Secret for Essay Writing
Lesson 11. Essay Course – How to Use the Metaphor for Instant Essays
Lesson 12. Essay Course – How to Use the Power of Threes for Clear Essays
Lesson 13. Essay Course – How to Write So they Want to Read Every Word of Your Essay
Lesson 14. Essay Course – Monty Python’s Great Secret About Persuasive Essays
Lesson 15. Essay Course – The Power of Illustrations and How to Find Them On the Spot
Lesson 16. Essay Course – A Few Factors for Wow in Getting Yourself to Write Your Essay
Lesson 17. Essay Course – Final Tricks for Teaching Others (Including Yourself)
The 25 Minute Essay Secret
The Insider’s Guide to College Success


P.S. Jody (my wife of 31 years) told me that some people couldn’t as easily afford the course, so she asked me to think of a way to change that.  I said, “Well, if people who get it and see it work…if they would tell others…that would help with the price.”  I also reminded her that this is the least expensive curriculum or course available because one purchase can be used again for all the children in a home.

So, I decided to experiment by giving two options in addition to the current discount:

OPTION ONE: One-Time Investment of $97

Was $127.00

Now only $97.00 but only guaranteed though December 5, 2013,

(Click here for instructions for using a Credit Card without a PayPal Account)

Thanks for the opportunity (below), but I’d rather just help your cause and not be committed to being a part of
promoting The Writing Course. It doesn’t mean I’m not hoping to be a fan.

OPTION TWO: One-Time Investment of $67.00 (Tell Others)

Was $127.00

Now only $67.00 but only guaranteed though December 5, 2013,

This is the EXACT SAME COURSE on how to teach kids to write,
but is only for those who COMMIT to sharing the the
Value of The Writing Course with others once the value is proved.
(Facebook, Twitter, Forums, Blogs, Word-of-Mouth are all fine
..you are simply our investment in advertising 😉

(Click here for instructions for using a Credit Card without a PayPal Account)

By Clicking the above and ordering at the reduced price, you are promising to
encourage others to purchase The Writing Course if (and only if) you find it proves to be worthwhile


The Writing Course System + The Essay Course + Video Access + Q & A Archives are all yours for the Whole Family Price of only $97 or $67 (one-time / your choice of price)— you get everything for life


Is there really no risk to try The Writing Course?

Our 365 Day Guarantee: Frankly, why should anyone have to keep a course that didn’t help? We’ve done this for a long time and have a stack of thank you notes from people just like you who were hesitant to gamble on a course that sounded too good to be true. Honestly, I’ve toned down what this can (and will) really do for your students because it sounds ridiculous / unbelievable. However, since we know you need a little something to cheer you on, we want to take away all the risk. You have our promise that for 365 days (this isn’t hard and fast…take two years+ if you need them 😉 after of receiving and completing The Writing Course, if you are not  ABSOLUTELY THRILLED & YOUR CHILD IS CLEARLY STARTING TO ENJOY WRITING, you may return the Course for a full refund. Frankly, most folks find that going through it 6 or 7 times is the way to go (and it feels like a different course each time through because of it’s unique design and information).  All you have to do is send us your completed copy of the easy to fill in workbook (which is only fair…if you don’t experience our astonishing process, how can you say it didn’t work?), and we’ll have a refund to you within 48 hours. That’s all there is to it…our promise to you.


. Special Note: Oddly enough, our course on how to teach kids to write often shows the most dramatic improvement for kids who struggle because the way in which they process language isn’t ‘normal’ (whatever that actually means). Learning Disabilities are often mislabeled…they are more often just learning challenges. Jody is dyslexic (but made a 4.0 in her masters program) and two of our own kids had some challenges with reading comprehension and writing…but they are doing great now. Better tactics and growing confidence can overcome almost anything. Here is a recent letter on this very issue:

MY DYSLEXIC SON I emailed with you this past summer about whether or not your Writing Course System would be good for my dyslexic son or not. I went ahead and purchased it and we started in September. We are to Lesson 15 and I have to tell you that I am so impressed with what my son is already doing. More importantly his attitude toward writing has changed completely. He voluntarily told me that he is “not afraid” to write any more! A year or so ago, I could hardly get a sentence out of him without tears. Giving him a piece of paper and telling him to write anything he knows about a certain subject would bring on a complete meltdown. Today, I used some of the techniques from your program to “test” him in a round about way about what he has learned about our studies of deserts. I wrote the word DESERT vertically down a piece of paper and asked him to write a word (pertaining to the desert) for each letter. Then I asked him to turn each word into a sentence. He ended up exceeding my expectations by producing a story! Here is what he wrote: It was a quiet dry evening in Turkey. There was going to be a sandstorm tomorrow. So rattlesnakes had to lay their eggs and then go hide under a rock. The next morning there was a bunch of sand dunes. Then the snake came back out and got her eggs and lived happily ever after. While there were some spelling and grammar mistakes (which I corrected in the example I typed for you), the content itself was awesome! It only took him about 10-15 minutes to come up with the words and then write the story. I can’t thank you enough for The Writing Course. I knew it sounded good but have to be honest that I was a little leery that it would actually do what all you said it would because it seemed too simpleHe actually is enjoying it and it has opened up a world for him in other subject areas making school a little more enjoyable.Can’t wait to see what happens at the end and of course, after repeating it again. Thanks, Heidi Miller-Ford



TYPOS: No matter our efforts, we still are human and can miss a mistake or two. Frankly, the obsession with typos is one of the things the writing course tries to help overcome. When you learn how to teach kids to write, you realize that typos are not a big deal…especially when a child’s fear of making them keeps him from writing anything at all. If you see a typo on this page, please drop us a note at contact@advanced-writing-resources.com and we will get it corrected. If you see typos in your child’s writing, please don’t make a big deal out of it…notice what they’ve said and the cool way they said it. That is encouraging. Many, many famous authors have been both brilliant writers and poor editors…go figure?


. .

. .