My son and I are very happy with your writing and essay courses. As a homeschool mom who dreaded his resistance to do his “writing” for school each day, it is a relief to see him want to write and actually enjoy it. I am learning so much too…makes me wonder if I couldn’t write a book one day….I have forever admired authors for their talents.

Thanks again for what you have given us.

We are looking forward to the videos. Thanks a bunch!

-Lana Bosco




A Private Tutoring Student Testimonial


My girls (13 & 11) are taking away so much from The Writing Course . . . . in fact, they have listened to more lessons than I have — I need to catch up!!My husband has listened to some lessons also — and he asked one of them today — “What is the difference between a good speller and a bad speller?” She gave the answer from The Writing Course.

Thanks so much for making Writing so simple — for me and for my girls. They really can write fairly well — I do believe your Writing Course is giving them the confidence to write even better!! Really excited to see the results in the next few months!


Denise Smith

Thinking that Produces Confidence

I have not really taught my children how to THINK about writing, but rather tried to teach them how to DO writing. But scripture teaches us the opposite. It is the heart and mind that come first and then the actions follow. So, that is what I have loved so far about your course! You have changed my thinking and that of my children as well.

-Kimberly Hazlett


Mom of a 9-year-old (He’s now on full scholarship at The University of Texas)

I discovered shortly after starting to homeschool that I couldn’t do 5th grade A Beka grammar. Yet, somehow I’ve managed to get a post-graduate degree and communicate effectively. We scaled down from that level, but still get bogged down in all those mechanics. I have found your seminar both enjoyable and refreshing. I look forward to going through the rest of it myself, and using it with my kids. Thank you.

Laura W.


Your suggestions are awe-inspiring to a novice (me!) writer. Cooper (my son) has been writing a novel ever since. He just finished it today – love how he’s taken off with his creative side!

Patty Knaak

Mr. Lybrand,

Thank you for your writing curriculum. My 12 year old daughter has begun to write without fear for the first time in her life. We are only on lesson 4 and she is applying what she has learned in all areas. Letters,
drawing illustrations, email…
Thank you,

Thanks so much! My almost 10 yr old daughter started yesterday and it went great. My 11 yr old son is in an IEW writing class right now. He has one more class meeting and then I’m going to start him on this, as well. I actually used that with him this morning as we were working on his final draft. I said, “Does this sound better? (what he wrote) or does this sound better? (my suggestion)?”

He said my suggestion did so we changed it. I’m excited about this!

– Mindy M.

From a homeschooling forum:

This is just what I needed to hear to prompt me to
purchase TWC. I say this because like you, I felt a
bit overwhelmed by IEW, though I couldn’t put my
finger on why. I also have a 13 year old son who is a
reluctant writer and needs careful prompting
(though when he does write, he’s good at it!).
Probably why I’ve waited so long, seeing as he seems
to dread it and I didn’t want to make matters worse
by choosing a bulky, mom-intensive program.

You have resolved this confusion for me… and I
can confidently purchase this program which I have
been looking at on and off for quite some time.
How good to hear someone confidently and with such
clarity explain their reason for purchasing this

I was also thinking of Bravewriter, but it also appears
to be mom-intensive! Daily emails for reminders,
and on and on… When you said this TWC program is
much like the RC philosophy of being a self-learning
approach, that was all I needed to hear.


This course is as much for me as for our daughters. I believe the Lord wants me to write a book, I have felt stuck like it took so much effort. Now I know why…(you can know why as well through the secrets of The Writing Course) Just to see our daughters have a freedom with writing that I KNOW they didn’t have before we started The Writing Course, is one of those moments of gratitude that qualifies as the abundant life Jesus speaks of.

Much Grace to you for helping me and many others release our God-given potential.

Penny D.

From a homeschooling forum:

I totally relate to your frustrations of buying and chucking curriculum every year as well as your schedule challenges…We also added The Writing Course by Fred Lybrand (an RC father), recommended on the RC site. The Writing Course is simple but profoundly helpful in removing the obstacles that clog our writing abilities. So simple, I love it and more importantly our kids ask to do the lessons!

Hope this helps. I do not miss the exhaustive, mind numbing, internet searches and the disappointment that follows having blown our hard-earned money on curric. that didn’t deliver, yet again.


From a post in a yahoo Robinson Curriculum group:

The Writing Course

I said a couple of weeks ago that I would write back with an update re: choosing The Writing Course by Fred Lybrand, a RC father/family… Like many of you I researched various programs and read many comments from the RC forum. Using all of this wonderful info, mixed with much prayer and taking into consideration our family’s needs, we chose TWC.

We are so thankful for this course. Although I won’t go into the
specifics, in just a short couple of weeks, some major mental roadblocks have been removed by our daughter’s (myself included). It has such a natural flow. Our kids are saying things like, “Now I can
write sentences so much easier than before…like the pressure has been removed”. I second that.

Just wanted to update you all, hoping this encourages anyone else in your journey to find what works best for you and your family.

Much Grace,
Penny D.

Click on the following link to hear more about my thoughts on teaching grammar and homeschool writing.


Mr. Lybrand,What a surprise to see you had read my comments! I am telling you truthfully that my boys would not write and your course “tricked” them and before they knew what was happening, they were doing it.

I am looking forward to doing The Essay Course with them too.


Taken from a homeschooling forum:

The Writing Course – Basic consists of 5 CDs; four contain the 21 lessons and the 5th contains the worksheets for printing,a transcript of the lessons,and charts. Lybrand is a Robinson Curriculum Dad so his process is developed to fit with the Robinson method and much of that philosophy is obvious in his presentations. Each lesson consists of listening to the CD, filling in the worksheet which serves as a bare-bones outline of the talk, and doing an assignment. He talks about secrets to writing which he states really are not secrets at
all. These ideas are simple but freeing for students who struggle with writing. He covers grammar and punctuation very briefly—just enough to eliminate the fear and get the student writing.

Some ideas covered:
Clears out the objections to writing and replaces them with simple truth. Takes the perfectionism out of the writing process. Frees the poor speller to note words he isn’t sure of rather than stopping the flow of thought because of spelling difficulty. Opens the door to the mind that just can’t think of anything to write. Gives tips on style– personal style and how to make your writing interesting. Provides the key to eliminating the “taking it personally” mentality about
feedback and correction.

Mr. Lybrand’s voice is pleasant and his presentations are interesting. We found the lessons to be simple and helpful. The topic ideas were fun and usually relatable for the children (ages 11, 14, 16). The program is not consumable. You print as many worksheets as you need and repeat the lessons as often as necessary. Suitable for ages 9 or 10 and older.

The Essay Course consists of 4 CDs, 17 lessons. This course is best suited for ages 12+ (my opinion). No print-outs except a template, just talks to listen to and assignments (essay ideas) to provide practice. He discusses various templates for essays and how to use them and mentions methods to use on, and practice for, the SAT writing section.

My opinion of these courses:
I found the ideas presented very helpful. I like his presentation style, very conversational. This course did help 2 of my children adjust their thinking about writing. It does closely follow the Robinson philosophy while still providing help and clarifying the writing thought process…

I hope this has been helpful.
Grow in Grace,

Two of my boys, 14 and 12, are very reluctant writers. They really prefer copy work because it is “safe”…

Mr. Lybrand’s way of talking them through the lessons is very reassuring and he makes it sound so easy. My boy’s listened to what he said and then did it. They started writing! I was impressed.

-Susan Seaton

The Writing Course and its companion, The Essay Course, present a simple, natural, common-sense approach to teaching writing unlike anything that I have seen before. Designed for upper elementary through high school, their purpose is to take the fear out of writing…Melissa Worcester
Practical Homeschooling Magazine

Since enrolling in Mr. Lybrand’s class, she has submitted stories to nationally-distributed magazines with the hopes of being published (for fun!). She is also involved with other children from Mr. Lybrand’s class in writing a weekly newspaper and distributing it around the neighborhood (for fun!) Most recently, while driving all day in the car, I asked my daughter what she was doing, and she replied “I’m writing another story” (for fun!)

– Gary Gould, Petroleum Engineer

The Writing Course covers everything that I have learned about writing, on my own, and more – and will teach it to my children in an organized and exciting fashion – which I couldn’t seem to do.

-S.G., Colorado

“This approach eliminates writer’s block”

– Carrie Minor
English Major, Texas A&M

One principle (from The Writing Course) I used with my 4th graders this past school year helped them tremendously in their writing, and made it easier for them to figure out how to punctuate their sentences.

– Jennifer Thompson * Public School Teacher, San Antonio, Texas

“One would think that from a 5 CDS audio set about how to improve your writing, you would be looking at the writing as the final result. However, [and] moreover, it is [especially] in his inflection and tonality throughout the audio that Fred R. Lybrand [alludes] to a parallel BETWEEN revising how we do things in our everyday life AND revising the approaches we take to life [issues] until we get it right: Just as how involving others to read your writing [can make the difference], [Lybrand’s] process [helps make] your life better [through] the involvement of others.Four thumbs up for Fred R. Lybrand’s THE WRITING COURSE. As I only have two thumbs, God as my witness, I am certain His are way up too; as I am sure God had a hand or two in this one!”

Salvador SeBasco,
Literary Director and host of THE INSIDE VIEW  broadcast,
book critic,
on staff with a CNN affiliate.

“My son did so well with the first course that I got carried away with getting the essay one with out reading your announcement. Thank you for the reimbursement.”

– Best regards, David S

[Said after purchasing the Writing Course early on, one of our customers purchased The Essay Course without reading the fact that it was a special bonus with his first course]

The course is great. I’m using it for myself as a prep for college.Thanks for all that you have done putting this together -Robert DeMint

I recommend Fred Lybrand’s course at https://www.advanced-writing-resources.com. If you have students who refuse to (or at least begrudgingly) participate in a writer workshops, Lybrand’s course will be a help. It focuses on getting rid of reluctance and fear in writers, and frees them up to share their work and to grow. It’s about learning by writing, and is a great resource regarding not only how to teach kids to write, but how to relax them about the whole thing, to break down insecurities and other reservations and let them naturally write and share. Good luck!

Dr. Fred Ray Lybrand

25624 Lewis Ranch Rd.
New Braunfels, TX 78132

P.S. It is surprising to me how many scams about writing courses are out there, but not about homeschooling writing. I believe all the writing courses for homeschooling reluctant writers really can offer you something useful. However, I still think we alone offer your money back if you are unhappy. This is the best way, once we reviewed our Writing Course and goals, to not scam you at all. You really have nothing to lose and a great future of appreciative kids to gain.


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