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The following is a list of links you might find helpful as it concerns homeschool friendly writing and your future in education.

Technically, some of these links are our ‘competition’— but, we really don’t care if they help! Frankly, we are not fans of formal grammar-type instruction…but we also see our program as a helpful supplement (a different kind of tool) even if it isn’t your main curriculum. If they are listed here it is because we have a relationship or we just like what they are trying to do.


Independent Homeschool Mentoring & Resources Clear thoughts on Family, Learning, and Education

Robinson Curriculum The basic approach we adapted for our homeschooling efforts – Strong focus on the basic “Three R’s” and learning how to learn.

GRAMMAR  TIPS —  Here’s  a nice  summary of common grammar  mistakes,  that if understood and avoided,  will take care  of the majority of grammar related writing issues.

Free Homeschool Stuff

How To Start Your Own Blog – Step-By-Step guide/training on how to setup your own blog.

Writing and composition resources for homeschooling
Annotated links to resources for teaching writing, composition and research skills.

We have one inspired goal: to develop independent writers through fun and creative activities.

Homeschool Writers: Writing Resources and Contests for Homeschooling
Writing contests and resources for homeschoolers! Full chart with organized descriptions of great contests as well as a free deadline reminder. Includes favorite homeschooling grammar, vocabulary and writing recommendations.

Home School Writing Curriculum: Choosing One That Will Work For Your Child
What home school writing curriculum will help your child develop into an effective writer? Find out what you need to know before you buy.

WriteGuide: A Writing Program for Homeschool Families
Individualized Writing Program for Homeschool Families.

Homeschool Curriculum – Homeschool Writing Curriculum – Creative Writing – Expository Writing – Descriptive Writing
Reliable, student praised, parent endorsed homeschool curriculum and helps that do not weary your household or strain your pocketbook.

Reading & Writing – Homeschooling Resources – Homeschool.com – The #1 Homeschooling Community

homeschool writing | homeschool curriculum | homeschool english
A homeschool writing curriculum designed to help reluctant writers discover the joy of writing!

Homeschool Writing Curriculum
Home school writing teaches your child to communicate clearly and effectively. Here are some tips for choosing a good homeschool writing curriculum.

Curriculum Home School Writing
Kick up your curriculum home school writing programs a notch!

Home School Writing – How to Learn it
Writing, composition, essays, writing skills, five paragraph essay. Because the world, the technology, and the learners have changed.

Home Sweet Home-School’s Resource Page — Writing/Grammar/Language Skills Resources
Hundreds of Eclectic Homeschool Links – Writing/Grammar/Language Skills Resources Page

Online Writing Courses for Kids in Elementary, Middle & High School
One-on-one online writing courses for kids. Courses build basic writing skills covering the mechanics of sentences, paragraph, essay writing.

Homeschool Writing Assignments: Homeschooling With Creative Written Work
Homeschooling programs that use writing assignments to encourage creativity also teach a number of useful skills that can aid in other homeschool curriculum subjects.

One Year Adventure Novel – Homeschool Writing Curriculum – Daniel Schwabauer
The One Year Adventure Novel Homeschool Writing Curriculum – Homeschool Writing Curriculum for High Schoolers taught on DVD by a professional writer. Homeschool Curriculum package includes a full school-year of writing lessons on DVDs, textbook, student workbook, teacher’s guide, an adventure novel and access to our student forum. While gaining skills and insight, the student will be lead through writing a complete novel over the course of one school year! Touted as the ultimate high school writing curriculum available.

Homeschool Writing
Looking to encourage the children to do some homeschool writing? Here are my homeschool ideas and links to inspire you – and them!!

Homeschool and teaching Writing
Teaching Writing Class to your homeschooler

Homeschool Writing Page
Writing Composition for Homeschooling Students and Teachers,Homeschool Creative Writing,Kids Write Homeschoolers,Teaching Language Arts Home Schooling,Homeschool Lesson Plans Homeschooling Reports

Writing assignments for homeschool kids
Homeschool educators sometimes get stuck in an essay rut not realizing there are a wide variety of writing assignments they can offer their students.

Free Reading, Writing, and Spelling Resources at Homeschool Central
Homeschool Central is the place for homeschoolers and those interested in homeschooling to find all of the homeschool resources they need.

Homeschool Writing Curriculum
Homeschool writing and Story Starters

Writing & Grammar Grade 8–Home School Kit (3rd Edition): Christianbook.com
Christianbook.com (CBD): Writing & Grammar Grade 8—Home School Kit (3rd Edition) 221721 –>Learn the elements of the English language needed for success! Correct grammar and a fluent writing style are fast becoming necessary requirements in our fast-paced world for academics

Meet Home School Towering Titan of Writing: Andrew Pudewa | The Classical Scholar
An insightful interview conducted with Andrew Pudewa, founder of the Institute for Excellence in Writing, a favorite writing course for homeschool students.

Free Education Resources. Teachers, Homeschool & Students. Math, Reading, Writing Worksheets, Activities, Lessons.
Teachers Free Resource Information Directory. Teacher’s web site links. Worksheets, lesson plans, activities, assessments, math, multiplication, division, subtraction, addition, grammar, english, science, writing TESL. Home school ideas. Parent’s help.

Homeschool Lesson: Writing the Letter “Q” in Cursive – Associated Content – associatedcontent.com
This video tutorial demonstrates the proper cursive forming of the upper and lower case letter Q. This is a useful resource for homeschooling families, as well as anyone else learning to write in English.

Homeschool Writing Help
Let’s HomeSchool provides parents with free resources on homeschool supply, books, and curriculum. Homeschool book reviews, state resources, field trip ideas, and more!


Rankings and what makes for a good college program

Open College: Online Writing and Communication Courses

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