How We Help Dyslexics, ADHD, and Autistic Spectrum Kids Learn to Write

I probably should explain why I think we have such success with dyslexia, ADHD, and even mild Autism-Scale issues:

Our principles weave together through the themes of discovery and the uniqueness of the individual.

When a child (or anyone) is thinking all about trying to do everything 'right' it tends to lock them up. These kids especially need access to a different 'grammar book' (their own internal one) rather than one they must memorize. Most approaches to grammar simply do not understand how language/writing works, so they tend to be politically-correct-grammar-police (not really their fault).

So, when we help a child focus on the joy of discovery about their own use of language and uniqueness as an allows the brain to focus on creating rather than avoiding 'mistakes'. Naturally, this bleeds over into a number of other areas in life for these students.

Really, it just gets down to the distinction between what one CAN DO and what one CAN'T DO. Having a child with cerebral palsy helped us focus on the 'can do' side. That's what most of these kids need; to see for themselves what they can do and improve.

Even with dyslexia, merely finding that you are only mixing up 2 out of 10 words is great...just work on 9 of 10 (or whatever). In general, they will build on success not failure.

I think that really is the Secret of the Writing Course (and no one, literally, can break away from their quest for perfection long enough to really help). This is why we have 5 kids who can write well (and most of them still can't recite grammar rules to you!).



Dr. Fred Ray Lybrand

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