Can Dictionaries and Grammars be Dangerous for Creative Writing?

We often use tools like dictionaries and grammars authoritatively (even in our creative writing), don't we? We say that a word 'means' something or that a certain grammatical point is 'right' only when used a certain way. Never mind that the dictionaries and grammars aren't always in agreement. There are additional reasons why we should not be submitting these resources authoritatively. To become a better thinker, an independent thinker, please consider a different explanation AND why grammars and dictionaries could pose a danger to your student's education.

Can Dictionaries and Grammars be Dangerous for Creative Writing?

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Dr. Fred Ray Lybrand

  • My son hated writing…the physical act. In third grade he dictated a story to me that was beautiful and way beyond his years. He never bothered again. He’d been bummed by the grammar police who couldn’t read his sloppy writing.

    Children’s author Sally Gardner is profoundly dyslexic. But she tells wonderful stories. What does it matter if you you spell correctly and your grammar is perfect if you have nothing to say>

    • Amen! And, we can still get a little better each week, no matter who we are, true? A well-written trashy novel, is still just a trashy novel.

      Or…as I sort of figured out over time…anything worth saying is worth saying poorly 😉

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