A Million Reasons It’s Hard to Teach Kids to Write

It’s always nice to find out you are not alone 🙂 I ran across this article recently and felt like I wasn’t alone for a moment. Of course, you are not alone either!

Writing requires a million different skills all at once

We underestimate or are unaware of the mental demands that writing places on young learners. In my first grade class I had six-year-olds for whom writing required them to think about a million different things all at once. Imagine your teacher tells you to write a story about your trip to the park. That’s a piece of cake, right? Wrong! We Teach Children to Hate Writing | Barbershop Books

It is exactly this very problem that hurts all kids in writing…but especially those with learning disabilities (LD). If we can get the million things out of a child’s head by encouraging her to write

[Next Get Help] [Next Make it Great]

she tends to change dramatically.

Off to learn,

Fred Ray Lybrand
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Dr. Fred Ray Lybrand

  • rengapriya says:

    My 3 3/4old kid is always writing some alphabets and numbers.and she is not writing everything perfect.but she is always writing something.is it a good habit?she is always asking me to tell stories.she is also telling stories.are these good for my kids development.

  • Fred Ray Lybrand says:

    Jody found out that if she would write down the stories for our younger kids who could not write very well…it really encouraged their creativity and confidence!

    You are on the right track!


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